Setup and Use hydroMazing

posted Dec 23, 2015, 9:05 AM by Cory Potter   [ updated Dec 23, 2015, 11:52 AM ]

  • Connect sensor modules to the Arduino Nano Expansion Board using customized wiring.

  • Customize the source-code, compile, and upload via USB to program the Arduino units.

  • Other customizations include using enclosures, solar charging battery packs, air-pump modules, other sensors...

  • Power to the controller and monitoring devices.

  • Plug-in appliances to their corresponding remote controlled switch units:  exhaust fan(s), intake fan(s), humidifiers, heaters, pumps, etc.

The Liquid Crystal Display commonly referred to as simply an LCD will display “one moment…” as the system starts-up.  The Monitor (Arduino Nano Expansion Board with nRF24L01 ) receives sensor and appliance data it will share it via I2C with the Arduino Uno with LCD Shield.  When starting the system, the Monitor may not have any information to share and the LCD will display, “Establishing Communications.”

By default, the display cycles through the “appliances” in this case, Intake (fan), Exhaust (fan), Light, Humid(ifier), and Pump.  The second line of the display is fixed on the temperature reading, relative humidity, and light level.

Using the buttons we can interact with the hydroMazing monitoring system.

Turn on Display Light - Display: Time AM/PM -> since last data sync
Turn off Display Light
Display Cycle
Mode Change
Change Display or Make Selection
Reset Microcontroller 


hydroMazing will notify you with piezo beeps (if installed) and LCD message:

"Too Cold! Require Heater"

need to add a heater such as a heating mat.

"Too Hot! Need Better Ventilation"

most common message!  It doesn’t take very long for even the most efficient lights to warm-up a small space.

"Humidity Out-of-Range"

too high?  consider dehumidifier

too low?   consider humidifier

"Water Level Low"

float switch must be installed

"Soil Moisture Low"

moisture sensor or flow rate sensor installed

"Time to Adjust Nutrient Solution"

reminder to change/adjust/check nutrient solution

"Something is Wrong!"

Communications issues.  The receiver or monitor is not receiving data from the controller.